The Deadbeat Dilemma

For over half a century, our business has thrived on the foundation of trust and integrity, sealed with nothing more than a handshake and mutual understanding. Many would often think we were crazy for operating on such principles, especially when undertaking labor-intensive drywall and plaster projects – sometimes spanning weeks. Rarely did we find ourselves betrayed or exploited in our dealings. Yet, as time passes, I find myself questioning whether stricter protocols and formal agreements are necessary to protect our interests.

It’s a dilemma that challenges the very essence of our ethos since our beginnings in 1962. What set us apart was the faith we placed in those we did business with, whether they were on the other end of a phone call or the other end of a handshake. It was a testament to our belief in the inherent goodness of people, preserving a tradition that felt like a beacon of light in an increasingly complex and changing world.

However, recent encounters have left me disillusioned. The trust we extended so freely has not always been reciprocated. We find ourselves at a crossroads, grappling with the tension between our traditional values and the realities of modern business. While part of me longs to maintain the simplicity and trust that defined our interactions for decades, another part recognizes the need to adapt to changing times. Undoubtedly, it will be challenging to preserve the spirit of trust while implementing safeguards to protect our interests. As we navigate this transition, we remain committed to upholding the principles that have guided us thus far. It’s hard for me to accept reality, knowing that the principles I was raised on and which I hold dear are increasingly undervalued in today’s deteriorating society. In the end, it is about preserving the legacy that has defined us for generations, and I’ll continue to perform that duty as long as I remain at the helm of this great company my father built.  

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