When someone seeking drywall or plaster repair describes their project as ‘small,’ they may not fully comprehend the potential complexities involved. While we genuinely strive to keep damage manageable, sometimes it simply isn’t feasible. It’s crucial for customers to grasp that initial perceptions can be misleading. Despite seemingly minor issues like paint bubbles, drywall cracks, or peeling drywall texture, significant underlying problems may exist. This is especially true regarding damage from water or moisture. Addressing these plaster and drywall issues can lead to unexpected repair challenges. If your drywall contractor lacks experience, what may have seemed like a minor inconvenience, such as peeling popcorn texture, can quickly escalate into a much larger endeavor and fix. There are underlying reasons for these occurrences, which we have experience handling and can sometimes anticipate and even prevent before they escalate. We take certain steps and precautions necessary to minimize the risk of this happening. Sometimes, it’s the small or relatively minor repairs that end up being the most challenging and time-consuming.