A Family Owned Drywall and Plaster Company

Jake with his son, Rocky Bourgoyne

I’m so proud of the business my father built, but even prouder for the smiles he put on so many faces. No smile was as ever big or great as mine for getting the opportunity to work alongside my best friend for 25 years.– Rocky Bourgoyne –

Started in 1945

Jake and Son is not your average company. In fact, we are something very special. Three generations (over 80 years) of fathers and sons honoring family tradition by passing down hard-earned wisdom and experience until there is nothing left to teach. Mastering the plaster trade only occurs after decades of years have been invested. Installing, repairing and refinishing the first thing people notice in your home (drywall and plaster ceilings and walls) is all we have ever known. It’s all we do.

Just as he did in the 1950s, I began going on jobs with my father when I was only a boy and proudly worked beside him every day until his passing in 2022. Over decades, I watched in awe as his mighty strength and energetic passion for delivering excellence never wavered. He treated every job like his own and every customer like family. In fact, many of our customers became just that, and we never took it for granted. No matter how challenging the days became, Jake and Son and our customers kept my father going. During his 50 years, he rarely took a day off because he did what he loved. And I loved doing it with him. Most importantly, we loved doing it together.

This is our true story

My father, Lloyd “Jake” Bourgoyne Sr., was one of the most knowledgeable and passionate owners ever to grace the industry. His love for his craft and for his customers was extraordinary. Born and raised in the heart of New Orleans, my father delivered not only a fantastic physical skill set but also an unparalleled knowledge of New Orleans’ homes and history. He was a wealth of knowledge, and his passion for life superseded any obstacle encountered. I spent my lifetime learning everything I could from him; studying his every decision, every word, and every movement. He taught me more than anyone could ever learn from books or videos. I fell in love with both the art and the science. Now, it’s my turn to carry the torch and uphold the enormous legacy he created. It’s not an easy task, but his spirited work ethic, passion and dedication to the craft and people he served is just as much a part of me as it was to him.

We are one of the few remaining plastering companies in the New Orleans area and continue to uphold a solid reputation as one of the best. With so many inexperienced, “jack-of-all-trades” contractors popping up every day, it can be intimidating trying to find someone trustworthy to perform your drywall or plaster repairs. You can take comfort in knowing we have been inside thousands of homes and businesses throughout the past five decades. We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service extended from the first phone call to the last wave goodbye. Being trusted inside the finest dwellings and establishments (including Naval bases) all across South Louisiana’s New Orleans Metro area has earned us a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reputable businesses in South Louisiana – showcasing a superb example of the days when businesses used to stand behind their work, went the extra mile, and went out their way. That’s what Jake and Son have always been about, in every aspect, on every job… every day.

Locally owned and operated

When you hire us, you are supporting a local American family business that puts money back into your state and community. We never hire outside the family, nor do we pick up unskilled laborers in order to meet deadlines. This results in us losing more jobs than we would like, but it is our renowned standard to maintain a reputation as one of the most dependable companies in Louisiana. We perform all our own repairs and offer an unmatched, lifetime guarantee on all work. Rest assured, your home or business is in the best and safest of hands. That’s a promise.

This is for you, Dad.
– Owner