Some factors are too important to ignore when hiring a sheetrock and plaster repair company.

We’d like to think we’re one of the best drywall and plastering contractors in the Southern Louisiana area. Working in and around New Orleans for almost 8 decades, we’ve laid eyes on and touched more sheetrock and plaster walls and ceilings than anyone could ever claim. We have the experience of doing it right the first time, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing you hired the best and your hard-earned money was well spent.

We guarantee our work.

If there’s ever an issue with our craftsmanship, we will come back and correct it at no charge. When performing drywall and plaster repairs, we take extra steps and measures to minimize any issues in the future. Though rare, occasional issues may arise from temperamental repairs. Can you be so sure that the cheaper laborer you hired will stand behind their work or that their work will even last? Often, we are called to correct homeowner attempts and less expensive “drywall repairs” that failed within a few months due to improper materials used and incorrect application.

We don’t mess around.

Taking days off work is not always possible, and switching schedules can be tough. If you’re like most of us, your time is valuable, as it should be. Time is precious, so why waste it waiting on workers to show up, taking their time all day, and playing around? When we tell you a time and date, we show up. There’s no wondering where we are or if we’re on our way. Our priority is to get in and out as quickly as possible to lessen any inconvenience to your day or work schedule. We arrive, work, cleanup, and leave.

Licensed. Insured. Trusted.

Knowing the strangers you allow in your home will not sue you if they get injured on your property or that they will cover any damages is peace of mind. Peace of mind is a great feeling, and who doesn’t want one less thing to worry about in life? If you hire someone who isn’t insured and they get hurt on your property, you will be liable for their medical treatment. If they cause damage to your home and they’re not covered, you’re paying for those damages with both time and money. One nail through a water pipe will ruin your day. One can of paint dropped or spilled will have you tearing up the carpet. Flooring and tiles can get chipped and damaged with one nasty drop of a hammer. Cutting through an electrical line can leave you in the dark, severely injured, or, worse, dead. How much risk are you willing to take? With Jake and Son, it’s the owner performing the work with his reputation and family’s legacy on the line. With that comes a high dose of pride and passion, along with perfectionism, high standards, and careful attention paid to your home, business, and surroundings. We’re also licensed and insured. Thankfully, we never needed to use it (knock on wood).

We perform our own work.

Many competitors hire, sub out, or accept anyone willing to pick up a hammer. We don’t. Jake & Son’s owner is the only one performing work inside your home or business. With a genuine and solid multi-decade reputation, there is no drywall and plaster company more trusted than Jake & Son. We’ve been background-checked, vetted, and tested—working inside multi-million-dollar mansions, historic museums, government buildings, legal firms, and businesses. Big or small, every home and business gets treated the same.